sand mountain society

Fire Lookout Restoration Projects

For more than 20 years the SMS has led the way in the restoration of historic fire lookouts, guard stations, and other symbols of public service constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

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Our volunteers together donate thousands of hours each year toward:

The SMS has been the leader in fire lookout restoration since 1989.

Sisi Butte Lookout Salvage

The SMS had a fleeting opportunity to salvage materials from Sisi Butte Lookout in 1999. Read more

Huckleberry Mountain Lookout

Roxie Metzler was a third generation fire lookout and charter member of the SMS who was a friend to everyone she knew, and she was highly influential in the formation of the Society's restoration ethic.  She served as a tru Read more

Pechuck Lookout

One of the most interesting buildings the SMS has ever worked on is the stone-based cupola lookout at Pechuck Mountain near the south end of Table Rock Wilderness on the west s Read more

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