sand mountain society

Tim Nidever

Tim first visited Sand Mountain in 1993, and he has been coming back ever since.  As suggested in the photo at left (where Tim can be seen scanning for smoke beneath an ominous mammata formation), Tim is perhaps most comfortable with a pair of binoculars in his hand.  Even better if the fate of a few million acres of forest are hanging on his diligence.

That being said, Tim has done everything from staffing Sand Mountain Lookout full time for five seasons, to providing relief staffing for 6 more while assuming duties for some key years as SMS Executive Director.  He is not afraid of the hard work or the dirty work, and he takes great care to maintain high quality in everything he does.  Tim knows that not all work is glorious or fun: there are some fairly onerous tasks that need doing (such as stripping lead paint with a heat gun from salvaged boards), and Tim does not shy away from those tasks.

When one meets Tim at the lookout, one is liable to see a lot of books on the desk... probably some classics by Homer, philosphy textbooks, probably some history... Tim is a student of the world, and his appreciation for the tried-and-true, old-world way of approaching things makes him a valuable asset to the SMS Heritage Preservation Team.  "I have learned a lot about the wisdon of traditional construction methods.  Salvage operations give you a chance to learn how things are put together."

Tim has been highly active in SMS activities since 1995, and often leads salvage efforts, trail clearing, and logistical operations.  He likes the fact that he gets to see so many sides of his beloved home state of Oregon while working with the SMS.

Tim received his Master's Degree in Classics from the University of Oregon, and now teaches at Portland State University.  He and his wife, Sonya (who is also committed to quality, and often -- thankfully -- joins us in the field), live in Portland.  

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